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MILKTECHNZ prides itself on supplying farmers in New Zealand and
around the world with Innovated CR-1 Electronic Cup Removers.


Can be fully customised using the most up to date software.
Programmed from any WiFi enabled device.
Inbuilt diagnostics system alerts farmers of any issues that may arise during a milking cycle.

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Simple to use

• Lift and go start
• Rapid venting for softer pull-down
• Adjustable retraction speed

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• Easily retrofitted to any existing milking machine
• Expandable functionality and ease of servicing
• Suitable for herringbone or rotary systems

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• Fully customisable
• Programmable from any WI-FI enabled device
• Future proof system

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• Durable stainless steel 3” ram
• Illuminated waterproof switch
• Free flow sensorELECTRONIC

CR-1 Electronic Cup Removers brings the latest Wireless LoRa communication protocols and the
ability to change the CR-1 parameters from your Smart Phone and/or any WIFI enabled device and the ability to upgrade your software with the latest
features in “Real Time”.

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Not only does the CR-1 automatically remove the cups at the end of a milking cycle, but also supports the following:

• In bail teat spray for rotary systems.
• Electronic bail gate control for rotary systems.
• Automatic milk-sweep that clears any residual milk from the milklines.

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Web access


Cluster control

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Pulsation Control