Project Description


“We have experience with ACRs from another manufacturer on our other farm, and to be honest, we were happy to continue on the home farm without them. That was until we saw some Facebook advertising of the MilktechNZ® CR-1 electronic cup removers and the significant number of positive comments other users had made.
We researched further and talked to local farmers who already had the system. All were very pleased with the performance and support.
We contacted Paul McGill from MilktechNZ®. He promptly came out and talked through our options, and as a result we confirmed on that day. Within a month, the system was delivered, support equipment installed in one day and the balance of plant the day after. Morning of day three, the system was turned on with the cows in the shed – milking commenced and everything worked beautifully and without incident.
The system looks professional, is not cluttering our milking pit, and runs smoothly. It is easy to operate and in our case is a money saver in relation to reducing the need for relief milkers. After sales service has been excellent. We are extremely happy with our decision and wholeheartedly recommend the company and the system.”
Bill and Kaylene Aubrey – Waikato, New Zealand