Project Description

A very exciting project for MilktechNZ with a new installation for Craig and Kelsey Zydenbos who are based near Paeroa [Waikato]. After spending 9 years 50/50 sharemilking in the USA and with a young family it was time to come home where they have setup a equity partnership milking 1350 cows over two farms.
Milking 1080 cows through their 50 bail rotary Craig was driving for maximum platform efficacy, and MilkTechNZ had the solution. With the many features the CR-1 have, one important one for Craig was MaxT and ability to have the cluster removed by either milk flow, setting a max milking Time or by position of the cow on the platform.
In this case it was great to see our dealers coming together from Cambridge [Kieran Aukett] and Morrinsville [Luke Stringer] on this installation. With minimal downtime between milking’s and working around the existing cup removers it was a massive effort to get the job knocked out in a week.
Finally a massive THANKS to Craig and Kelsey from everyone at MilktechNZ.
Craig Zydenbos – “I choose MilkTech as when I asked for fixed point take off for maxT MilkTech said they didn’t have it, but would call back in a day when it was developed. It’s nice to work with a quick moving company that can deliver what we need and at a good price”