Project Description

Another very exciting project for MilktechNZ® with a recent MilktechNZ® installation for Gavin and Kathy Iles who are based in Galatea near Rotorua. Here they milk 750 cows through their 60 bail rotary on 280 effective hectares of which 190 is irrigated through a pivot irrigation system. The farm is a family affair with their daughter Casey and partner Logan Brown who contract milk and moving to 50/50 sharemilking in the near future. For the Iles, it was time to update after continuing reliability issues and high ongoing repair costs with the old equipment. With the unique shed design, MilktechNZ® had the perfect solution.
Casey said, “there were many reasons to choose MilktechNZ®. We loved the fact that it is made in New Zealand and the technology is advanced but still very user friendly. The electronics are positioned under the platform which assures us years of reliability. We also love the multi-colour user interface and the ability to easily change our milking parameters during milking through the season to suit how we want to milk our cows. We also added new MilktechNZ® MC-1 high capacity milking claws. We believe in having happy staff. All our improvements to the dairy is allowing us all a better milking experience and more time away from the dairy.”
When away from the farm, Casey and Logan love spending time with their children Ava, Tara and Owen, which consist of lots of hunting and fishing.
From the team at MilktechNZ®, we would like to say a BIG thank you to the Iles family.