Project Description

Grae Roberts saved millions of dollars by choosing to gut and retrofit his dairy – with a focus on labour-saving automation – rather than building on a greenfield site. One of Grae’s key decisions was to install MilktechNZ®’s CR-1 electronic cup removers (ECR). It saved him a labour unit in the dairy and erased a challenge he had battled for years getting to the nerve-centre of the dairy. When Grae’s service technician said that MilktechNZ®’s CR-1 electronic cup removers could be programmed from any smart device, Grae was immediately on the page. In this story, contract milker Tim Wilson describes the labour-saving advantage as “game-changing” and explains the day-to-day features he appreciates. Click here for the full story:

Thank you to the Roberts family from team MilktechNZ® for generously sharing your story.