Project Description

MilktechNZ® are thrilled to be part of the recent upgrade to two dairies for Gudsell Farming based near Whanganui. Installation of MilktechNZ® CR-1 electronic cup removers were installed onto two dairies – a 16 double up (32 units) and a 40 unit with swingarms. Steven and his team chose MilktechNZ® as their preferred supplier for its innovative Kiwi design and also being Kiwi owned. “We also loved the fact they could easily tailor small things to suit our brand with laser edging or logos to the stainless components.”
Farm managers Tim and Rory Gudsell love the many features especially being able to change their milking parameters with ease using their phone.
Stephen Gudsell is also owner of AGC Training and a long time dairy farmer who is sold on the dairy industry as a viable, exciting career option – not only for the younger school-leaving set, but also the older student looking to change career post Covid.
Since its inception as the Ag Challenge for more than 30 years, the newly named AGC Training has been in the game of teaching students the art of agriculture and other trades to provide a steady stream of graduates to join the workforce as skilled staff.
Today, alongside agriculture, Ag Challenge has introduced courses in construction, painting, animal care and technology, vet nursing, DIY skills and even a course for those simply looking to upskill to join the workforce.
Many thanks from team MilktechNZ®