Project Description

A big thanks to Southland dairy farmers Kevin and Bronwyn Knight who recently joined our MilktechNZ® extended family when they installed our CR-1 electronic cup removers (ECR) at Waimatua, 12km east of Invercargill. Kevin and Bronwyn, together with their sons, Brad and Hamish, milk 600 cows in two herds through a 45-a-side herringbone dairy on 225 effective hectares.
Kevin said before they got the MilktechNZ® CR-1 cup removers, milking was a mission with two herds. “Without ECRs we needed three people at the dairy all the time – one getting the herds in – and the other two in the shed. We also run a sick herd, and cows were being overmilked,” Kevin said.
“When you look at our guys milking now, we can see that a third of the cups are off before they even finish getting the other side in. Before we had the CR-1s, those cups would have been sucking away on those cows long before they could get them changed over. Everyone can now just relax and chill a bit.”
Kevin says they were pleasantly surprised at how unobtrusive the MilktechNZ® CR-1 cup removers have been in the pit, and the improved teat-end health of their cows at dry-off.
Kevin says, “I’ve also noted that we’ve had no mastitis this winter.”

For the full story – including what the crack installation team at DairyTech South like about MilktechNZ®’s CR-1 cup removers – click here:

Once again, thank you to the Knight family from team MilktechNZ®.