Project Description

“We loved the fact that it is made in New Zealand and the technology is advanced, but still very user friendly.” – Nancy Coleman and Tommy Robertson of Robco Farm

A full complement of MilktechNZ® products installed on the West Coast, with a recent installation for Nancy Coleman and Tommy Robertson of Robco Farm who are based in Hokitika. Here they milk 160 Friesian cows through a 20 bail herringbone. Nancy and Tommy’s decision to purchase and install the MilktechNZ® CR1 swingarm electronic cup removers, PS-1 pulsators, MC-1 milking claw and the CW-1 cluster washers was that the old milking system (25 years+) was very out of date which Ross Coleman (Nancy’s son) reminded them often and also some parts were now obsolete.
The decision was simple as they wanted to make milking easier and to take the pressure off so new technology was a must. The high production herd is milked on a 16 hour rotation which they have done for a number of years now and the SSC sits at about 60k. Nancy said, “the cows are very happy in the shed now and the milking machine is very quiet as the pulsation is controlled by the operation of the cup remover.” She also said, “it is easy now to pick up any abnormal noises!”
A testimony to Nancy and Tommy’s operation and processes – they won the Westland Milk Products ‘Certificate of Excellence – Milk Quality Cup’ which they take a lot of pride in and so they should.
Nancy and Tommy said, “they trusted what Ross suggested and the installation carried out by Hayden, Ross and their team from Jeff Evans was second to none. The installation was very tidy, with great focus on attention to detail and was completed in a timely manner. We loved the fact that it is made in New Zealand and the technology is advanced, but still very user friendly. We also love the multi-colour user interface as this is a great way of letting everybody know what the particular set of cups are doing during their operation.”
The weight of the cluster is another part that Nancy enjoys but now she has seen the new MilktechNZ® MC-3 claw which is even lighter again and is currently trialling one!!!
When away from the farm Nancy and Tommy support the local Pony Club and the local A&P Association. Tommy also coaches junior rugby. They have three grandchildren that keep them busy and they love spending time with them.
From the team at MilktechNZ® we would like to say a BIG thank you to the Robco Farm team and thanks Nancy for nominating Tommy and Hayden to hold the award and the cup for the photo!