Project Description

Thanks from MilktechNZ® to Peter and Alison Groenendijk – one of our new customers based on the outskirts of Cambridge.
We have finished installing the MilktechNZ® CR-1 electronic cup removers onto their 24 bail herringbone shed and both Peter and Alison are very happy with the way the CR-1 cup removers are performing as they have definitely met their expectations.
Peter said the large flashing LED switch button mounted on the droppers are fantastic as he can easily see them down the row and be alerted to the various milking functions that are shown by the multi coloured LED’s.
Peter said, “I looked at a number of different options of cup removers and really did my homework but felt that the MilktechNZ® CR-1 electronic cup removers had the best and latest technology, and were future proofed. This certainly was the point of difference for me.“
The installation was seamless and done in one day.
Peter and Alison have also purchased our new MilktechNZ® MC-1 milking claw to compliment the cup removers.
Once again many thanks to Peter and Alison from all the team at MilktechNZ®.