Project Description


Another very exciting project to be part of for Rick and Sarah Hart. Rick who is originally from Ireland, came to New Zealand as a shepherd where he met Sarah. They returned back to Ireland for a period before returning to New Zealand and purchased their current farm just north of Taupo in 1988. In 1995 the farm was converted to dairy with a basic 50 unit rotary with a major upgrade in 2009. The farm now milks 1300 cows on 480 hectares on rolling to step ground. The operation is run by their son Patrick and his wife Tracey.
Patrick said, “we had a system we were spending far too much time with maintenance and throwing good money into what was old, unreliable technology. Basically we had a system of not knowing if it was going to run correctly from one milking to the next. After contacting Craig from MilktechNZ® they had a fantastic solution that would fix our issues and within our budget. We now have a hybrid system where we replaced the unreliable and costly parts and kept some of the old hardware that wasn’t causing issues. The installers were great and from when we pulled the trigger on the project, we had the old system out and the MilktechNZ® equipment in and operational in two weeks. We love it. We now have a reliable system that works great and our staff love using. Finally, allowing us to now have a one person system when it suits.”
When asked, “what they do away from the farm?” Patrick laughed, when we are not running a taxi service for the children and when time permits, we won’t be far from the ski fields and on the lake water skiing in summer. Finally, when asked who Rick supports for the rugby (Ireland or All Blacks), he couldn’t say.
From us all, a big thank you to the Harts for choosing MilktechNZ®.