Project Description

A very special project for our MilktechNZ® Technical Sales Manager, Craig Kelly, and the Ridley family with a long time connection of 40 years. The Ridley family farm near Rotorua where they now milk 420 cows through their 40 bail herringbone.
The special connection started when Craig, who had not long left school, installed then a 20 bail rotary and although the rotary is no longer there, the original farm gate sign was nailed to the farm entrance 40 years ago by Craig. “It was great to see the changing of the guard and it was a special moment for me to install a new MilktechNZ® gate sign 40 years on from the last. The old sign has already been cleaned up and will be kept as a souvenir for many more years”, Craig said.
Although Don and Helens son Grant, has now taken over the farm, Don is never far away to give a hand. Grant says, “Buying MilktechNZ® CR-1 cup removers and choosing MilktechNZ® was a no brainer. Over milking is very real and this can effect animal health so installing cup removers has eliminated this concern.
We loved the features the CR-1 offers. The user interface is very easy to use and my staff love it. The system was installed over a couple of days between milking with no interference to our milking schedule. I can highly recommend MilktechNZ® as a solution provider.”
From the team at MilktechNZ® we would all like to thank the Ridleys for there recent CR-1 cup remover upgrade.