Project Description

The year has kicked off in grand style with two new installations for Max and Bev Deane. Based in the Thames Valley, the Deane’s have been farming there for 52 years. In actual fact they were the last farmers in the area to use milk cans for pickup. The story originally starts with farm manager Alesh Nand, who was doing research for Max and came across MilktechNZ® and its many features and suggested he take a closer look. Max caught up with one of MilktechNZ® existing customers in Tairua, Trevor Jury, and the feedback he received convinced him MilktechNZ® was the right system to use.
It was then decided not to only do one dairy, but two – a 40 and a 22 aside herringbone. Both installed with MilktechNZ® CR-1 electronic cup removers with swingarms.
Max said, “all I can say is they are the best you can get in the world. Brilliant set up. There’s nothing MilktechNZ® haven’t thought of.”
When Max is not at the home farms, he is flying his plane twice a week to his beef unit where he has his own airstrip that backs onto the Whangamata Estuary. Max says it takes 11 minutes, slightly faster than a car he laughs.
To Max and Bev a big thankyou from team MilktechNZ®. It has been a pleasure working with you and your team.