Project Description

Wow, It was very exciting working with Thomas and Lesley Kerr who are the 4th generation on the family farm near Lincoln, Canterbury. In partnership with Thomas’s mum and dad, Paul and Bev, they milk 600 cows through their 44 unit herringbone. In actual fact it was their 100 year reunion in 2021 of family farming. Amazing! Thomas did make the joke that he recalled his great grandad purchasing the original block of land for three shillings per acre.
Thomas said, “Installing cup removers was a must. We couldn’t keep up and over milking has been a very real concern. Although we normally run two in the shed, we are now in a position that myself or one of my staff can milk on their own without having any concerns with over milking. MilktechNZ® pricing was very competitive and from the day I confirmed the go ahead with Craig at MilktechNZ® it was commissioned three weeks later. Along with all the many features the MilktechNZ® CR-1 cup removers have, another important reason for choosing MilktechNZ® was we believed they have the latest electronics that allows us to add new features in the future. I would also like to compliment Laser Electrical dairy division and head engineer, Craig Hyde and his team, who worked within our milking schedule and did a fantastic job. Finally there are more Kerr’s on the horizon with a 5th generation in the wings, so it won’t be long before we see them using MilktechNZ® CR-1 cup removers.”
Finally a big thank you and a 100 years of the Kerr family partnership from the team at MilktechNZ®.