Project Description

MilktechNZ® are thrilled to be the preferred suppliers of a major upgrade for Walter and Robyn Judd who are based near Bulls in the Manawatu. Through a 60 unit rotary they milk 560 cows including winter milking with a projected target of 600+ milk solids/per cow. With continuing high maintenance costs to the existing equipment, is was time for a major refit which consisted of new MilktechNZ® CR-1 electronic cup removers and retention arms.
Installation was carried out between milking’s and evenings with no disruption to the routine. Farm manager David Key said, “When units are not working this is frustrating for staff and not knowing your cows are milked out correctly is a real concern. We thrive in making the milking environment as pleasant as possible for our staff and having the equipment working reliably is essential. A result of this is we have seen our SCC drop significantly due to these improvements.
We love the gear. We chose MilktechNZ® for a number of reasons – New Zealand made was important to us. The multi-colour user interface tells us the status of the milking and also having the ability to change our milking settings easily and quickly is great.”
From MilktechNZ® a big thanks to Walter and Robyn Judd, and David and his team.