Project Description

MilktechNZ® would like to offer a big thank you to our newest customers Chad and Jan Winke.
Chad and Jan Winke moved to New Zealand from the United States in 2008. After working in several different positions in the Waikato, Chad and Jan took a lower order sharemilking position with Grant Wills and Karo Preston on Tremeer Farm near Walton. They have been on this farm for nine seasons growing their business. They started as a lower order sharemilker, then purchased 20% of the herd, and most recently purchasing the remainder of the herd as a full herd-owning sharemilker.
They currently milk 775 cows in a high input, split calving system. Chad and Jan looked at a number of other products in the market. In the end, it was an easy choice to choose MilktechNZ®. They said, “we have a particularly wide pit and it was no problem to accommodate a high quality, longer swingarm for our exact needs. The technology is great with the multi-colour user interface and the ability of changing our milking parameters during milking through any Wi-Fi enabled device. This allows us to milk our cows how we want. It’s very important that we continue to invest in technology and this is another tool to allow for happier staff and improved animal health.”
When Chad and Jan are not on the farm, they are out having fun with their children – Will, Wyatt, and Elena. Finally, Jan’s specialty is her famous cinnamon rolls. They certainly taste great and also look great next to the MilktechNZ® thermo cups.
Once again a big thanks to Chad and Jan Winke from the team at MilktechNZ®.