Ensure you don’t
overmilk your cows

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“MilktechNZ® CR-1 cup removers have been a great addition to our 50 aside herringbone. We have reduced over milking and improved our SCC. MilktechNZ® were very efficient with the install. ”

– Peter and Sam Kidd, Tihoi, South Waikato

Our Products

  • Can be fully customised using the most up to date software.
  • Programmed from any WiFi enabled device.
  • Inbuilt diagnostics system alerts farmers of any issues that may arise during a milking cycle.

Electronic Cup Removers

Automatically removes the cluster at the end of the milking cycle. Easily customise your cup removers so they work exactly the way you want for full control.

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Yield Display

The MilktechNZ® YD-1 yield display provides real time information about each animals milking status including production volume, kick off alerts and low milk alerts

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Inbail Teat Spray

Automatic in bail post teat spraying system designed specifically for rotary platforms.

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mc-1 milktechnz

Milking Cluster

MC-1 is a high capacity milking claw designed for today’s high producing cows.

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Milking Claw

The MilktechNZ® MC-2 milking claw has been designed to significantly reduce the weight of the cluster while retaining strength, ergonomics, and vacuum stability for gentle milking.

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Cluster washers

The MilktechNZ® CW-1 is a premium cluster washer unit. Engineered to suit the toughest farm conditions, the MilktechNZ® CW-1 cluster washer can be configured to suit all milking systems.

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Clever Pulsator

The MilktechNZ® P-1 pulsator has been designed with reliability and milking performance front of mind. Clever design ensure every pulsator performs to the same accurate standard every milking across all machine types.

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