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Cluster washer

For herringbone and rotary sheds

100% designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the MilktechNZ® CW-1 is a premium cluster washer unit. Engineered to suit the toughest farm conditions, the MilktechNZ® CW-1 cluster washer can be configured to suit all milking systems.

  • Highline swing over – with rubber cups
  • Low line swing over or with cluster shell clips
  • Rotary – with rubber cups

The MilktechNZ® CW-1 cluster washer includes a non-return valve preventing vacuum loss and saves valuable operator time when putting the milking machine in wash mode. With an adjustable flow control valve, it is easy to ensure each milking point receives the correct amount of water.

  • Rubber cup and cluster clip applications to suit all machine types.
  • Designed with high strength, chemically resistant, glass reinforced plastics and food grade rubber components.
  • Water inlet options to suit direct to pipeline connection or hose connection.
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand.