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“The rotary is now a one-man system and the cows are milking out cleanly. We are now working in a worry-free environment and since installing MilktechNZ® cup removers it’s a pleasure to milk cows again ”

– John and Sandra Shewan, Waikato

Milking claw

For herringbone and rotary sheds

The MilktechNZ® MC-1 is a 375ml high capacity milking claw designed for today’s high producing cows. Developed to provide excellent vacuum stability with the advantage of handling high milk flow ensuring a gentle and fast milking process.

  • More robust bowl made from Polyphenylsulfone – one of the strongest, most chemically resistant polymers available.
  • Carefully designed to hang in the optimum position for cupping.
  • Air admission hole can be placed front or back to allow quick inspection and cleaning.
  • Available in 2+2 or 4+0 pulsation types and with or without shut off valve.
  • 100% designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

With lightweight plastic cup shells


With stainless steel cup shells


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