Looking for a lighter
milking claw?

For Herringbone and Rotary sheds

Milking claw

For herringbone and rotary sheds

■ 300ml Capacity
■ Milking Claw weight 290g

The MilktechNZ® MC-3 300ml high impact polymer milking claw has been designed to significantly reduce the weight of the cluster while retaining strength, ergonomics, and vacuum stability for gentle milking. The MilktechNZ® MC-3 milking claw with the lightweight cup shells can reduce the overall weight of the cluster by 60%.

Lightweight, ergonomic design with a 360° view of milk flow.
■ Made from industry leading plastic to ensure durability in the harsh dairy environment.
■ Reversible top to place air admission front of back to suit operator cleaning.
■ 2+2 or 4+0 pulsation option available.

With lightweight plastic cup shells


With stainless steel cup shells