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For Herringbone and Rotary sheds

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ML-1 Milking Liner

For herringbone and rotary sheds

The MilktechNZ® ML-1 square milking liner is a simple, yet absolutely necessary part of a milking machine and can have the greatest impact on milking efficiency, hygiene and cow comfort. The square milking liner is designed to provide stable teat end vacuum reducing cup slip and squawking for better milk out.
It is recommended to change your liners after 2,500 milkings to maintain
milking performance.

■ Improved animal health – ensures teats are not damaged leading to issues with mastitis.
■ Increased milking efficiency- square liners provide better teat end vacuum stability for faster milking.
■ Milk out as quickly and completely as possible, minimising teat congestion, discomfort, and injury.

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