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“MilktechNZ® was the perfect upgrade solution for us.
With their cup removers and in bail teat sprayer we have seen a 40% decrease in our SCC and drug cost halved. “

– Laurence and Philly Rooney, Canterbury


Inbail teat sprayer

For rotary sheds

Designed specifically for rotary platforms, the MilktechNZ® TS-1 is an automatic inbail post teat spraying system spraying the teats from underneath the animal and immediately after the milking process. This provides better coverage than traditional ‘from behind’ teat sprayer systems leading to improved udder health. Plus reduces labour requirements and gives you peace of mind.

The MilktechNZ® TS-1 leg spreader bolts to any platform surface (concrete, steel or composite) with no glues. This means it can be fitted between milkings without the need for long curing times or dry, clean surface prior to installation. In addition, it can be easily serviced, repaired or replaced.

  • Saves labour and avoids operator errors
  • Control timings and teat spray volumes through your smart device
  • Designed to allow the operator optimum cluster attachment
  • High quality materials to suit all teat spray types
  • Immediate protection of the teat, ensuring excellent animal health
  • 100% design and manufactured in New Zealand