Do you want to know each animal’s dairy milk yeild?

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For Herringbone and Rotary sheds

Milk Yield Indicator

For herringbone and rotary sheds

The MilktechNZ® YD-1 milk yield indicator provides real time information about each animals milking status including production volume, kick off alerts and low milk alerts, giving the operator the ability to make instant decisions on how to manage the animal. The MilktechNZ® YD-1 is a perfect upgrade to the CR-1 electronic cup remover.

■ Milk volume results let you make real time decisions.
■ Full colour high-definition display provides clear, easy to read, concise information during milking.
■ Easily retrofitted to any existing MilktechNZ® CR-1 electronic cup remover system.
■ Small profile allows easy installation on any milking machine type.
■ 100% designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

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