Silicone Tubing

Now Available from MilktechNZ®

Air and milk tubing to suit all milking systems

The MilktechNZ® silicone tubing designed as a direct replacement of the existing rubber or silicone milk and air tubing in the dairy shed.

Moulded from FDA approved food grade silicone to ensure compliance with MPI milking equipment standards and available in the following sizes:

  • Silicone Air Tube – 7mm twin to fit 2+2 pulsation systems
  • Silicone Air Tube – 8mm to supply vacuum to auxiliary equipment like ACR rams
  • Silicone Air Tube – 9.5mm to fit 4+0 pulsation systems
  • Silicone Milk Tube – 14mm to fit 16mm claw, dropper and milk line nipples
  • Silicone Milk Tube – 16mm to fit 19mm claw, dropper and milk line nipples