Promotion Terms and Conditions

Get a Prezzy Card with a confirmed MilktechNZ® CR-1 order Terms & Conditions

  1. Offer: Every order of MilktechNZ® CR-1 electronic cup removers confirmed before 31 January 2023 will receive a $1,000 Prezzy Card! Terms and conditions as set out below.
  2. Promotional Period: The Offer is available on every confirmed purchase of MilktechNZ® CR-1 electronic cup removers transacted between 14 November 2022 and 31 January 2023.
  3. A minimum of 12 MilktechNZ® CR-1 electronic cup removers must be purchased in order to be eligble for this Offer.
  4. The Offer applies to direct sales order transactions through MilktechNZ® when orders are processed through a MilktechNZ® sales representative. The Offer does not apply to wholesale customers.
  5. The Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other MilktechNZ® promotion.
  6. The $1,000 Prezzy Card is not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash, MilktechNZ® credit or other goods or services.
  7. Only one Prezzy Card per sales transaction. Only one Prezzy Card per customer/trading entity (farm).
  8. The Offer is provided at MilktechNZ®‘s absolute discretion. MilktechNZ® reserves the right to amend such Offer or withdraw it at any time in MilktechNZ®’s sole discretion upon reasonable notice.
  9. The $1,000 Prezzy Card will be given to the successful customer when the sale is confirmed by MilktechNZ® accounts.
  10. The Visa $1,000 Prezzy Card can be spent anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted.
  11. On issuance, Prezzy Cards are valid for at least 24 months before they expire.
  12. Visa Prezzy Cards have their own terms and conditions and can be found at
  13. For the avoidance of doubt, any relevant purchases of goods from MilktechNZ® (including in conjunction with the Offer) remain subject to the latest version of the following terms and conditions (which may be updated by MilktechNZ® from time to time)
    1. MilktechNZ® account terms and conditions
  14. Offer is only available in New Zealand.

Promotional Product…

MilktechNZ® CR-1 electronic cup removers.