Meet our UK-based team

Brent Crothers
UK Sales Manager

Say hello to Brent Crothers, the MilktechNZ® UK-based Sales Manager! Born and raised in New Zealand, Brent is enthusiastic and passionate about dairy cows and animal health. Brent has worked in the dairy industry for most of his life and in his spare time Brent shows his pedigree cows at all the major shows throughout the UK winning multiple awards.

Brent believes in the MilktechNZ® componentry and says “if your cows are happy they will make money for you”. Get in touch with Brent using his details below to ask him anything MilktechNZ® related!

Maarten van der Drift
UK Business Development Manager

Say hello to Maarten van der Drift, the MilktechNZ® UK Business Development Manager! Maarten comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Originally from Holland, Maarten has worked in the Agricultural industry for over 40 years working across the UK and internationally.

Maarten is a customer focused man. He enjoys making great relationships with farmers and helping them succeed through reliable, flexible products that can adapt to the farm’s unique requirements. That’s what he really likes about the MilktechNZ® products. He can see the benefit for UK farmers and wants to help make a difference!

Finally, you can easily customise your milking equipment so it works exactly the way YOU want it to.

New Zealand Owned, Designed & Manufactured

MilktechNZ® is proud to be New Zealand owned, designed, and manufactured. Trusted throughout NZ and around the world and now in the UK!

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CR-1 Electronic Cup Removers

Supplying farmers around the world with simple to use, retrofitable, robustly designed cutting edge, future proof technology.

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Full Control At Your Fingertips

CR-1 electronic cup removers allow you to change the CR-1 parameters from your smart phone and/or any WIFI enabled device.

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  • Can be fully customised using the most up to date software.
  • Programmed from any WiFi enabled device.
  • Inbuilt diagnostics system alerts farmers of any issues that may arise during a milking cycle.

Electronic Cup Removers

Automatically removes the cluster at the end of the milking cycle. Easily customise your cup removers so they work exactly the way you want for full control.

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Inbail Teat Spray

Automatic in bail post teat spraying system designed specifically for rotary platforms

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mc-1 milktechnz

Milking Cluster

MC-1 is a high-capacity milking claw designed for today’s high-producing cows.

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Milking Cluster

A lightweight milking claw designed to significantly reduce the weight of the cluster.

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Clusher Washers

The CW-1 is a premium cluster washer unit. Engineered to suit the toughest farm conditions, the CW-1 can be configured to suit all milking systems.

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Clever Pulsator

The MilktechNZ® P-1 pulsator’s clever design ensure every pulsator performs to the same accurate standard every milking across all machine types.

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ML-1 Milking Liner Logo

Milking Liner

ML-1 square milking liner is a simple, yet absolutely necessary part of a milking machine and can have the greatest impact on milking efficiency, hygiene and cow comfort.

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“Now, I lift the cups and they start automatically, and if I hold them slightly longer, they switch to manual mode. That simple delay to choose the manual mode is a brilliant feature for the cows on the dump bucket.